As long as illiteracy hurts families in Hawaii, we will work to ensure every person gets another chance to learn to read.

A legacy gift is a way to support local keiki and adults' efforts to build the literacy skills they need and will use throughout their entire lives, and the lives of their children after them.

Legacy donors don't have to be millionaires, and legacy gifts can be tailored to specific amounts, assets, or purposes that you choose. While there are many ways to plan your legacy of caring for your community, we have provided information on 3 of the most easy-to-set-up options.


A charitable bequest can be made by anyone! Your specific plans can be stated on a will, trust, or beneficiary designation form.

IRA distribution

For those 70-1/2 or older, a charitable distribution from your IRA can fulfill your required minimum distribution while lowering your taxable income.

Life Insurance beneficiary

Your hard-earned funds can be used to leave a much larger gift that will  support the causes you care most about.

What happens to my assets without a legacy plan?

Hawaii's intestate law dictates that without a will or beneficiary designation,  your assets will be received by your spouse and immediate family. If there is no spouse or immediate family available, then the State will seek to locate more distant family members, and if that is not successful, then your assets will escheat to the State of Hawaii.


If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss your legacy gift, please feel free to contact our staff at or (808)537-6706 any time.