+ Who is eligible for the Adult Literacy Program and how does the program work?

Hawaii Literacy's Adult Literacy Program is for adults age 16 and up who need assistance with their reading and writing. Individuals meet once or twice a week with a trained volunteer tutor in a public location. Our free 1-1 tutoring is designed to meet the needs of the student and their abilities. We have successfully taught thousands of adults with a wide range of learning challenges to read; however, Hawaii Literacy tutors are not reading specialists and our program is not equipped to meet the needs of individuals with significant developmental challenges.

Before we match a student with a tutor, each student completes a one hour assessment and interview with Hawaii Literacy staff. This helps staff to get to know the student, to learn about the student's skills, motivation and goals. To schedule this interview, please call 537-6706.

+ What's the difference between the Adult Literacy Program and the English Language Learner Program?

The Adult Literacy Program is designed for fluent speakers of English who need help with reading and writing to become literate and meet life goals. Our English Language Learner Program is for individuals who are learning to speak English and may also want help with reading and writing.

+ Does Hawaii Literacy offer tutoring for children?

Hawaii Literacy offers tutoring only for children at registered program sites. Participants in our Family Literacy and Bookmobile programs benefit from literacy tutoring and homework help during program hours. These programs are open to residents of the sites we serve.

+ Do you accept book donations?

Yes, we gratefully accept donations of books that are in good condition and can be used in our programs. To view the most current list of the books we are currently accepting, please visit our Donate page.