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Books That Give Back

You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.

-Kahlil Gibran

At Hawaii Literacy, we would like to acknowledge authors who support us in hopes of encouraging reading, learning a few things along the way, and sparking imagination from the printed word. A portion of proceeds from each book listed below is donated to Hawaii Literacy.

We are grateful to these authors for supporting programs that promote reading and literacy.

Double Rainbow Island by Jerilyn Ito
Long time supporter of Hawaii Literacy, Ito’s second and newly released book focuses on Malia. Tired of staying home, she seeks out other Nalo. Along her journey, Malia meets a few new friends, Kaleo and Mano, who join her.

Order via’ Amazon: [Link]

Finding Our ‘Ohana by Jerilyn Ito
Take a delightful and magical journey as Lani and Maleko search for and find their `Ohana. While you travel along with them, discover some of Hawaii’s favorite local foods, too! The book captures the life and culture of present day Hawaii through the words of Jerilyn Ito.

via’ Amazon: [Link]

The Golf Fanatic’s Guide to Hawaii by Bryan Fryklund
A book for golfers written by a golf fanatic…or golf enthusiast who considers himself more as a professional writer. Playing golf since the age of ten, Fryklund’s guide goes beyond a mere brochure of Hawaii’s golf courses and greenery photographs. This book details each of the holes in the various golf courses, which ones you are likely to “choke” on, the “19th hole”, a list of the toughest courses and much more. To keep in the Hawaii spirit, Fryklund throws in Hawaiian mythology such as the Night Marchers and what became of them that visit Ko’olau Golf Club’s 14th fairway.

Some friendly advice when you’re on the green: “No hassle da locals. They were not only here first, but it’s their tax dollars that keep the green fees affordable.” (61)

via’ Amazon: [Link]

If you are an author or aspiring author and would like your publication to support literary programs of Hawaii, please e-mail us at info@hawaiiliteracy.org or call us at 537-6706.


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